Molly Moon - The Incredible Book of Hypnotism:

This is an adorable story about a very plain, unloved little girl in a British orphanage, who discovers that she has the gift of hypnotism. Molly mesmerizes her way to New York, makes a big hit on Broadway, lives it up in the Waldorf Hotel, and has a precarious adventure with a would-be bank robber who knows her secret to success. Then, realizing what she has left behind, and deciding that having everything she wants is meaningless when she's lonely and homesick, she goes back to undo the damage her mischievous tricks caused back home. Featuring a sparky little pug dog named Petula, a best friend named Rocky Scarlet, and an orphanage from hell, it's a thrilling and fun-filled adventure in the wonderful world of mind control. It even has a plot twist that will completely throw you...twice. Robert Stone plays Molly Moon's Bodyguard - CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION

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