CBBC Production - TMI Director: Nick Harris and The Slammer Director: Jeanette Goulbourn
The Clips Feature Robert Stone as
"Mr Snuggles the Wrestler" (TMI) and "Brenda" (The Slammer)

In TMi, Robert plays Mr Snuggles the Wrestler who can't wait to get his hands on the loser of a
strength test between Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes the hosts of this children's show
(Filmed  "LIVE" on Saturday Morning's Children's BBC)

In The Slammer, Robert plays Brenda, a blind date setup by Jeremy Gilbert (Lee Barnett)
for Mr Burgess (Ian Kirkby) they are both prison officers

The Slammer ia a prison for performers, children decide who goes free
and Brenda is undoubtedly a beautiful looking lady!!

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